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In 1981 a group of people gathered together because they wanted to see the Church become all that God originally intended it to be: modelled on the structure of the first Church in Acts, with local elders under the authority and direction of apostles and prophets supported by evangelists, pastors and teachers. They believed that the Church should be a fellowship of believers who shared what they had and so the church was established as Merthyr Christian Fellowship. In line with the early church, meetings were held in a house until so many people had joined and been added to the Fellowship that this was no longer tenable and so the Sunday meetings were held in a local community hall with midweek meetings in people’s homes.

In 1982 the Fellowship purchased the Jewish Synagogue in Merthyr Tydfil town centre which they completely refurbished with a new floor added. This new facility was officially opened in September of 1984. The Fellowship continued to grow and God began to reveal more of His purpose and His plan for this local body of believers and it was decided that the name should reflect what God was saying and so it was changed to The Church in Merthyr; this was to show and express that the Church is one, together, and not separate denominations.

As God continued to work amongst us and there was an increase in people giving their lives to God and joining the church, the name was changed again to New Life Church, in 1988. Shortly after, with continued growth, it became difficult to continue to meet in the synagogue because of parking problems, the lack of access for disabled people and because there was a desire to give money to areas of need in the world. The old synagogue was put up for sale, much of the monies made was given away, and the church initially met in multiple locations in homes around the valley before moving to a local community centre with better parking and access to meet together once more.

In 1996/97, God began to expand the vision and purpose of the church to be much more than focused on our local community. As a result, the name was changed again to Nation Changers Church with a vision and desire to change the nations, starting where we are. The church inherited a small, old chapel and this was converted and modified for use as an office and meeting place for smaller groups. This facility was renamed NCTEC: Nation Changers Training and Equipping Centre.

The church met in a number of locations including a local college and later, a high school until in 2010 – still with a vision for the nations, starting where we are – an opportunity arose to purchase a new home for the church and so we moved into Alpha House, Heolgerrig, where we continue to meet to this day.

Alpha House, Heolgerrig, Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1RP

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