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We think the best way for you to find out what we believe is to visit us on a Sunday morning, or get in touch about some of our mid-week groups. We'd love to answer any questions you might have, but we've also written a little summary of what we believe about God, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible and some other topics here.

GOD is three eternal persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and He lovingly created all things for His glory and good purpose. We believe that God is good, just, true, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving.

GOD, THE FATHER loves mankind with an everlasting love. He has made a way for us to reconnect with Him, by defeating sin for us. God has made provision for us to be united with Him through His Son Jesus Christ so that even after we die, we can be with Him forever.

GOD, THE SON is Jesus Christ. He was born and grew up as a man on earth and He is also God. At the end of His time on earth teaching and gathering followers, He was taken and punished, and gave His life on the cross. Jesus was then raised to life by God after three days in a tomb, and after meeting with and teaching His followers, He went up to Heaven. This is how God overcame sin and death forever. This is how God has reconnected, or reconciled, those who believe and trust in Him with Himself.

GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT is the Spirit of God who lives in people who follow Jesus. He gives believers the power to live as obedient followers of Jesus by giving them courage, boldness, comfort and strength, as well as gifts of wisdom, faith, healing and more. The Holy Spirit empowers believers to tell the world about Jesus Christ and the good news that God loves all people, and that sin and death have been defeated.

THE BIBLE is "God-breathed" - it originated with God. It is faultless and authoritative. It tells us about God, the world, and people, and how all these things relate. It is useful for all matters of life and teaching, and also describes how God is restoring this broken world through His Son, Jesus Christ. Some parts are easy to read, some more difficult; some parts are beautiful poems, some are challenging; but all of it "God-breathed."

MANKIND was made perfect and in the image of God. Sin separated us from God and made us, and the world we live in, imperfect and broken. Sin came when mankind chose to disbelieve and disobey their Father God, who gave them life.

SALVATION is God's way for mankind to be reunited with Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. It's talked about in lots of different ways: being born again; giving your life to Jesus; getting saved; becoming a believer; following Jesus; and probably many more. Simply put, God wants all people to repent (which means to turn from sin and their own ways of living) and come to know and love Him; to be saved from sin and death, and to have eternal life.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD is the rule and reign of God in action, established through King Jesus. This was the main subject of Jesus' teaching when He was on earth. The Kingdom of God creates the church, works through the church and is proclaimed by the church.

THE CHURCH is the universal body of believers who follow Jesus, who have turned from their own lives of sin, and through Jesus Christ, have been joined to God's family. We work with recognised apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to bring the family to maturity in God.

THE MISSION of the church is to make disciples of all nations and people groups, starting in our local community and reaching out to the whole world. We do this by expressing the love of God in word and deed - showing and telling people about Jesus and His Kingdom.

THE FUTURE will see the return of Jesus. He will personally and perfectly restore His church and the whole of creation to Himself as King, ending suffering and death forevermore.

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