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We believe that the Church is God's global family.

Our vision is to see the love of Jesus touch and transform lives in all the nations of the world so that people are restored to the position and condition that God originally intended as members of His global family.

This vision is outworked in a number of ways, including:

  • Some of us will go into nations, taking the gospel message and passion for God to see lives transformed.
  • Others will come to us and we will stir the passion in them before they return home and transform their communities with love and passion for God.
  • We support many international ministries through our giving, enabling them to change nations.
  • We further change the nations through the power of prayer.

We believe that the way that we act to fulfil the vision of our local church is best summed up in the acronym B.R.I.D.E.:

BBringing people to Jesus
This is the mission of the local church. God’s Kingdom – the blessing of His rule – is always growing and, as representatives of His Kingdom, we have a responsibility to share all the good things that He has given with everyone around us:

  • A new and abundant life
  • A place in His family with others to which we belong
  • A purpose in the world
  • A faith that brings us strength, confidence and stability
    • …and much more!

RReceiving them into the family
God places high value on family and when we become Christians, we receive membership into His. It is a place where we belong with God as our Father. As members of His great family we connect not only with God as our Father but also with each other as fellow members of the family.

I - Instructing them in His ways
When we become members of His family there are many benefits and responsibilities that give us a full and meaningful life. As we learn about the ways of God we grow to maturity knowing how to apply all that He has for us to the lives that we live.

D - Developing His ministry through them
God has created every one of us for a reason, and as we grow to maturity, He calls us to a specific contribution to His purpose and to His family. Each of us has a different and important part to play; we call this ministry. As we grow, we learn to recognise the particular talents and abilities that God has given each of us; we work together to develop and hone each other’s gifts.

E - Exalting our God
Part of the purpose of creation is to demonstrate how good God is. He is the only one who is truly worth worshipping. As we live out our lives, in our homes, in our workplaces, in the street, or indeed when we meet together as His family – the church – then we aim to magnify Him and remember all of the amazing and wonderful things that He has done for us.

We understand that this vision to change the nations begins with ourselves in Merthyr Tydfil and in the South Wales Valleys. We work extensively in our local communities to demonstrate the love of Jesus.


Changing the nations ...

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